Who Gets the Dog?

Who Gets the Dog?’ answers your questions about what really happens during separation and divorce. This book is not just a theoretical framework. It is woven with the reality that life is messy. Even the life we want.

You have seen some couples, once caring and loving, go on to create and star in their own Divorce Horror Show, taking every opportunity to act out yet another dirty tactic, losing their soul and their wallet to a legal battle that feels like it will never end.

And yet you have also seen other couples somehow work through things amicably before most people even realised they were separating.

This book will reassure you that you too can create an environment conducive to a quiet, simple and relatively inexpensive separation process, even though you may feel everything is at risk right now.

‘Who gets the Dog’ asks the real questions, and provides practical hints and hot tips so you avoid losing yourself to a legal war. Because of this book you will:

  • learn how to cope when everything is falling apart
  • find paths through conflict that are respectful, authentic and human
  • become courageous enough to try new and better ways.

This book gives you reassurance and hope.

‘Kathryn Hodges has captured the very essence of family conflict and then, in a very easy-to-read way, provided an excellent alternative. This book needs to be published and made available en masse. My hope is that every single person going through separation gets the opportunity to read it. It really has the potential to change lives.’

Judge Steve Middleton, Judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia

‘When I separated twenty years ago this is the book I wish I’d had; it would have saved me years of heartbreak and no small amount of money. Kathryn’s informal style and quirky sense of humour make this a truly helpful and accessible guide for anyone going through a separation. It’s filled with practical wisdom, based on years of experience as a family lawyer, that will help you see what really matters and make the right decisions, for both yourself and for your children.’

Jenny Blagdon, Spirited social change-making facilitator